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Splendorgel High Barrier Technology Extra White

Splendorgel High Barrier Technology Extra White
ProductSplendorgel High Barrier Technology Extra White
Size(A4) 210 x 297
Splendorgel High Barrier Technology Extra White

100 sheets @ £ 0.42 each

Cost £ 42.00 excl. vat

( £ 50.40 incl. vat )


Price List

Minimum order 100 sheets, then in multiples of 100
100 sheets + £ 0.42 each
1000 sheets + £ 0.28 each

Splendorgel High Barrier Technology Extra White


Paper and cardboard with high surface water resistance capable of replacing plastic in hundreds of indoor and outdoor applications. It is fully recyclable. Splendorgel EW High Barrier Technology is available in 170gsm (170mic), 280gsm (306mic) , 350gsm (374mic) & 410gsm (438mic)

Splendorgel EW High Barrier Technology is optimal as a substitute for plastic in indoor
and outdoor applications. The uses can be multiple such as the plastic tags that
accompany packages of vegetables, fruit, fresh food and any item that requires water
and wet resistant tags. In hospitality, it can be used for example for menus placed
indoors and on outdoor tables, but also for temporary promotional signs and banners,
posters with, for example, the list of foods in fast and street food. In the Out of Home,
the applications are many: advertising, billboards, posters for merchandising activities.
It can be used in cosmetics for particular packaging and in gardening, for plant labels. It
is water resistant and fully recyclable according to Aticelca 501 standard.

The special surface treatment of Splendorgel EW High Barrier Technology makes
the printing and converting to be tested in advance. However, UV offset printing is
recommended, while in traditional offset printing it is advisable to use inks for plastic.
Generally a longer drying time than a traditional paper is to be considered. As regards
the Inkjet printing technology, we recommend UV technology and not water-based, also
the adoption of a printing profile for uncoated paper, while in the Dry-Toner technology
a prior verification of the printing result in solid backgrounds is required. Good results
in hot stamping and embossing. For hot-foil printing it is recommended to use plastic
foils, preferably in correspondence with a previously printed area. Excellent results in UV
screen printing.


Splendorgel HBT Technical Sheet Download PDF here





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