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Fabriano Unica Bianco

Fabriano Unica Bianco
ProductFabriano Unica Bianco
Size(B2) 500 x 700
Product Code:19100025
Fabriano Unica Bianco

1 pack @ £ 10.80 each (10 sheets)

Cost £ 10.80 excl. vat

( £ 12.96 incl. vat )


Price List

1 pack + £ 10.80 per pack

Fabriano Unica Bianco


Fabriano Unica paper is made of 50% cotton and produced with hydropower energy. It is suitable for all printmaking techniques (etching, lithography, silk-screening, xylography and linocuts). A unique paper for all applications, Fabriano Unica complies with ISO 9706 regulation (long life) and is Acid Free.





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