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Sirio Color Milkshake Envelopefolds

Sirio Color Milkshake
Sirio Color Milkshake
Sirio Color Milkshake
ProductSirio Color
Size148mm x 148mm
AvailabilityMade to Order
  Sirio Color Arancio Sirio Color Blu Sirio Color Bruno Sirio Color Caffe Sirio Color Celeste Sirio Color Cherry Sirio Color Dark Blue Sirio Color Foglia Sirio Color Gialloro Sirio Color Lampone Sirio Color Lime Sirio Color Limone Sirio Color Milkshake Sirio Color Black Sirio Color Paglierino Sirio Color Pietra Sirio Color Sabbia Sirio Color Perla Sirio Color Turchese Sirio Color Vermiglione Sirio Color Vino Sirio Color Iris Sirio Color Nude Sirio Color Cashmere Sirio Color Cacao Sirio Color Antracite Sirio Color Royal Green Sirio Color Flamingo

25 envelopefolds @ £ 1.38 each

Cost £ 34.50 excl. vat

( £ 41.40 incl. vat )


Price List

Minimum order 25 Envelopefolds, then in multiples of 5
25 Envelopefolds + £ 1.38 each
100 Envelopefolds + £ 1.27 each
250 Envelopefolds + £ 1.05 each
500 Envelopefolds + £ 0.99 each

Sirio Color Milkshake


Cream coloured paper & card range with matching products

Sirio Color is a coloured paper & card range with 25 different
shades ranging from subtle pastel shades to deep intensive shades.

Produced in weights from 80gsm through to 700gsm

Matching envelopes and other products available.

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